Businesses tackling property issues

Type Report
Author(s) Weatherhead,M.
Publication year 2001
URL (web address) http://www/
Notes ID: WEATHERHEAD2001A; Produced by the RICS Corporate Occupiers Group, with financial assisstance from the DTLR, the report sets out a series of case studies of businesses not only deriving benefit from property initiatives, but more instructively losing money through not doing so (by it must be said locking into an excessive lease without thinking throught the consequences of a specialist building). For this reviewer the most interesting claim is perhaps that Boots have a database of property and market data from shopping centres that can predict better combinations of shops, and the effect of changes to the retail mix in shopping centres. Unfortunately but hardly surprisingly the evidence has not been put to the test (there are published studies arguing that design and visibility, or the lack of it, can contribute to the commercial failure of a mall see Brown 1999). That apart the report is perhaps more a reminder of the issues, and an update of its author's book (Weatherhead, 1997) rather than offering new insights.
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Evidence base Case studies
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