About Us

Occupier.org is committed to encourage a programme of high quality research.

Our contention is that we simply must understand the connection between corporate real estate and facilities on the one hand with organisational output and business performance on the other. The very future of the industry is dependent on succeeding with this quest; occupiers must, for example, be able to demonstrate value for money and business effectiveness while the supply side needs to be able to deliver these value-added buildings and services, both over the short and long- term.

This state of knowledge, which occupier.org aims to achieve, will allow us to make a series of more expert and effective decisions relating to the choice and specification of buildings and services and their effect on customers and employees and on the organisation overall. Modelling and forecasting will be everyday techniques and our ability to predict the impact of decisions accurately should improve enormously. In short, we will become more professional and more expert.

That is the vision. For the present, we need to set in place a definite research programme which will help us make substantial and rapid progress.